Image Challenge Dates for 2024

Month Theme  Zoom Meeting - Digital Images Only Submission Deadline* Club Night
January Movement   13-Jan-24 18-Jan-24
February Pets & Domestic Animals
  10-Feb-24 15-Feb-24
March Macro or extreme closeup   16-Mar-24 21-Mar-24
April Windows or The View from…
  13-Apr-24 18-Apr-24
May Silhouettes or Shadows
 * 11-May-24 16-May-24
June Night   15-Jun-24 20-Jun-24
July Illustrate a Book Title  * 13-Jul-24 25-Jul-24
August Open Nature
  10-Aug-24 15-Aug-24
September Dramatic Colour   14-Sep-24 19-Sep-24
October People   12-Oct-24 17-Oct-24


  • Meetings indicated with an asterisk (*) are Zoom meetings. Only digital images can be submitted for these competitions
  • Submission deadline is 11.30 pm on the 'Submission Deadline' date listed above. This cutoff is enforced by Visual Pursuits and it is not possible to upload or change images after this time
  • While Club Nights are typically on the 3rd Thursday of the month, July's meeting is on the 4th Thursday. Submission date is unchanged.


Definition of Themes for 2024

At any of the monthly image challenges you may enter an image in the set theme competitions (print or digital competition) or you may enter an image in the open competitions (print or digital). Across all image challenges for the month, you may enter up to two images.

The themes are:

January - Movement   

Movement in photography simply refers to elements of a photo that are moving (or appear to be moving). You may use any genre and technique to indicate movement. The three most common ways of depicting motion in photography are:

  • Suspended movement. freeze a literal split second, to capture details imperceptible to the human eye.

  • Motion blur. 

  • Visual flow.

The movement element of your image must be easily discernable.


February - Pets & Domestic Animals   

Pets primarily serve as companions for owners, with no economic benefits. Domestic animals are primarily captured to provide economic benefits as food producers or workers.

Show us your image of either pet or worker animal.

March - Macro or extreme closeup

Macro photography is all about showcasing a subject larger than it is in real life — an extreme close-up of something small.   Have fun and, if you do not have a designated macro lens, search Google for an alternative technique.


April - Windows or The View from…

Windows from the inside or outside – use the window as a frame, to direct lighting, or as an architectural element, but the window should feature distinctly in your image.


May - Silhouettes or Shadows (digital only)

A shadow is the form of an object cast upon another surface; a silhouette is a backlit subject viewed from the dark side.  Your shadow/silhouette should be the definitive subject of your image.

June - Night

Night photography refers to the activity of capturing images outdoors at night, between dusk and dawn using your choice of photographic technique and genre.


July - Illustrate a Book Title (digital only)

The book title becomes the title of your image: you may use any photographic technique or genre but concentrate on the title rather than the content of the book.


August - Open Nature

NZ or overseas - we intend this category to cater for those images you would like to enter in a “Natural History” competition but can’t because of the restrictive nature of the techniques involved. You may use any photographic technique you like here, but when finished, your image must look natural.


September - Dramatic Colour

Drama is an impactful tool when creating the narrative of an image: create drama that evokes strong emotions by your use of dramatic colour.

October - People

Share with us an image that captures a person or people and aims to convey a story or emotion through the image.   The person/people should be the focus of the image, not just in the background. 




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